20.09.2013 Chiller for Russian project

Russian project: cooling compression units (CHILLER) consisting of No. 4 semi-hermetic screw compressors working with R404A gas. Refrigerating capacity: 462 Kw with a temperature range from -30°C to +47°C. Provided with 1 stand-by compressor. ...

29.07.2013 Venezuela project

VENEZUELA Project : compression units with economizers for use in low temperature consisting of No.3 or 4 semi-hermetic screw compressors in parallel for R404 / R507 choked to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency and compression unit for use in N...

29.07.2013 Chiller

CHILLER: independent refrigeration unit at low ammonia charge, having the cooling capacity of 300 thermal kw, for glycol water cooling and air condensing, at zero water consumption and dynamic management of the condensing station (our BEST COP sy...

08.05.2013 Delegation from the Republic of Congo

On the 16th April 2013 an important delegation from the Republic of Congo visited our factory in Pegognaga ( Mantova ) in term of a future collaboration This is the article published on the journal " La Voce di Mantova" on the 27th April 2013

07.02.2013 Termoprol Zanotti CTZ Ltda - Rio Grande Do Sul Project - Brazil

  Termoprol Zanotti CTZ Ltda is dealing with an important project in Rio Grande Do Sul-Brazil, it will be one of the biggest work that will be realised in this country in 2013.  

06.02.2013 CLIMATIZACION, 26th February-1st March 2013, Madrid

Zanotti Iberica and Zanotti Smart Solutions was present at Climatización, International Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Refrigeration Exhibition  Madrid 26th February - 1 March 2013  

18.12.2012 Technology forum on Climate-Friendly Alternatives in Commercial Refrigeration

  Technology forum on Climate-Friendly Alternatives in Commercial Refrigeration December 8th , 2012   At the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Headquarters, Montreal, Canada   Sponsored by: The Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-Lived Climat...

26.11.2012 Zanotti Calendar 2013

The new Zanotti 2013 calendar illustrated by Roberto Baldazzini is now available for purchase. Send your request to or contact us by phone: +39 0376-5551. Roberto Baldazzini's 6 original drawings are also for sale (pen and ink on paper, 33x48cm), the profits will be given t...