Medium temperature: +10÷-5°C | Low temperature: -15÷-25°C

Medium temperature: 3,10÷5,80 kW | Low temperature: 0,50÷5,60 kW

Thru-wall mounted

R404A | R134a | R452A

H: 857 mm | L: 1.280÷1.790 mm | D: 1.140÷1.240 mm


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The AS series models are monoblock refrigeration system units characterized by extreme versatility of use.

Suitable for medium-small rooms, the AS products are divided into two ranges: the MAS (for average temperature with a maximum room volume of 307 m³) and the BAS (for low temperature with a maximum room volume of 300 m³).

The compressor supplied is of a reciprocating hermetic type and is contained together with an evaporating and condensing unit in a single epoxy powder-coated steel body making the machine compact, sturdy and easy to handle.

Hot gas or double solenoid valve defrosting is automatic and guarantees self-sufficiency during operation.

The condensation water evacuation pipe must be installed.

The pre-heating of the compressor and the speed variator for the condenser fans are available as standard.

Both are controlled and managed by an electronic control unit with a user interface, which makes it possible to personalize the performance and noise level according to your requirements.

The buffer installation is easy and fast given the compactness of the product and consists of two holes on the room wall: for the machine and the water drain pipe.

A remote control panel concludes the mounting by returning to the user a practical experience of using a solid, powerful, high performance and highly customizable refrigerating machine, responding to the requirements for commercial and semi-industrial use.

For a detailed summary of the options available for this series, please refer to the videocatalogue.