Medium temperature: +10÷-5°C | Low temperature: -15÷-25°C | Multi-purpose temperature: 5÷-25°C | Freezing: -30÷-50°C

Medium temperature: 20,70÷36,10 kW | Low temperature: 23,80÷43,70 kW | Multi-porpose temperature: 32÷42,70 kW | Freezing: 20,10÷28,30 kW

Thru-wall mounting or outdoor floor standing

R404A | R449A

H: 1.780 mm | L: 2.580÷3.580 mm | D: 2.150 mm


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The BX series models are wall chiller monoblock units characterized by extreme versatility of use and designed for an industrial destination.

The series is divided into 4 ranges for a broad coverage of the customer’s conservation requirements: MBX (T from -5 to 10° for rooms with a max volume of 3105 m³), BMX (T from -15 to -25° with a max room volume of 3368 m³), PBX (T from -25 to 5° with a max room volume 2750 m³) and CBX (T from -50 to -25°).

The installation is of the wall type with a ground support frame.

The construction type allows for outdoor installation without particular protection against atmospheric action.

The durable sheet steel body protects a powerful and high performance refrigeration system that uses reciprocating hermetic compressors.

The ductility of the BX series allows for a multi-purpose operation: use of the room at both average and low temperatures.

The CBX range in particular is equipped with reciprocating hermetic two-stage compressors specifically designed to adapt the machine to the requirements of the freezing tunnels.

The presence of the solenoid valve of the line and of the thermostatic one for the expansion of the refrigerant allows the refrigerant injection process to be optimized, thus always ensuring an efficient operation in compliance with the features and thermal requirements of the room.

The defrosting system is completely automatic and to ensure minimum heat dispersion inside the room, the air distribution ducts, available in various heights, are supplied complete with an automatic closing system.

The performance of the machine can be monitored using an electrical panel with electromechanical command and control equipment.

A remote control panel on the wall with a user interface makes the process of setting up the machine simple and immediate, allowing simultaneous control of several machines installed in the same room.

The standard equipment of “blocks and operation” signaling lamps on the external door increases ease of use and completes the accessories range of a powerful, self-managing and highly efficient refrigerating machine.

For a detailed summary of the options available for this series, please refer to the videocatalogue.