Medium temperature: +10÷-5°C | Low temperature: -15÷-25°C | Multi-purpose temperature: +5°÷-25°C | Freezing: -30÷-50°C

Medium temperature: 1,10÷31,50 kW | Low temperature: 1,10÷42,10 kW | Multi-purpose temperature: 2,90÷42,70 kW | Freezing: 4,80÷59,50 kW

Split mounting with condenser on the ground outside the room

R404A | R449A

Condensator H: 898÷2.000 mm | L: 995÷3.320 mm | D: 595÷1.400 mm
Evaporator H: 455÷1.130 mm | L: 960÷3.955 mm | D: 560÷1.005 mm


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The DB-D series models are outdoor refrigeration units suitable for use in an external environment, without special protections, designed to meet the conservation requirements of products in large units.

The DB-D series is divided into 4 models: MDB for average temperatures (+10° ÷ -15°, maximum room volume of 3.105 m³) and the BSP for low temperatures (-15° ÷ -25°, maximum room volume of 2.990 m³) and PBD (+5° ÷ -25° for a maximum room volume of 2.502 m³) and CDB (-30° ÷ -50).

The covered power range, from 1.447 kW to 63.3 kW, makes the DB-S a versatile machine suitable for satisfying a wide range of requirements.

The type of split structure allows the 2 components, the condenser and the evaporator, to be assembled separately, increasing the flexibility in the choice of installation by the user.

The condensing unit, installed on the floor outside the room, is protected by a sturdy steel sheet body with a type of construction that allows the use of the DB-D on the outside without the need for measures against atmospheric action.

The operation of the condensing unit is made reliable and efficient by the adequate internal components, provided as standard, and includes a pressure switch for the condenser fans, a hermetic compressor and a compressor pre-heating resistance that can be easily reached

during maintenance operations using the openable front panels installed on the body.

The CB-D range in particular is equipped with semi-hermetic two-stage reciprocating compressors for applications in freezing tunnels.

The evaporating unit enables installation inside a room: on the ceiling avoiding reductions in storage volume, or on the ground with the aid of ducts for air distribution, of variable height and complete with automatic closing.

The DB-D groups are also available in a multi-purpose version: a special design that allows the use of the room both at average and low temperatures.

The standard equipment includes automatic electric defrosting and the electronic panel with electromechanical instrumentation installed on the condensing unit for quick and precise control and setting during machine operation.

The remote control panel is available on request for easy supervision and customization of one or more systems within the same room.

For a detailed summary of the options available for this series, please refer to the videocatalogue.