Medium temperature: +10÷-5°C | Low temperature: -15÷-25°C

Medium temperature: 0,60÷2,20 kW | Low temperature: 0,50÷2,90 kW

Mounting buffer or overlapped

R404A | R134a | R407H | R452A

H: 735÷830 mm | L: 400÷620 mm | D: 790÷862 mm


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The units GM range are Zanotti monoblock units.

These units are characterized by great versatility of use both as regards the dimensions of the room and of the product that is being preserved itself.

The measures contained allow efficient operation and suitable for micro-small rooms (series in low temperature max 65 m ³).

They can be mounted either with the buffer mode or overlapped.

Installation does not require adaptation work in the room.

The standard fastening procedures consist of a few holes and can be completed quickly even by yourself. (standard complete cable line equipment).

Ease of use is increased thanks to the electronic control unit provided with a user interface on the front of the machine.

It signals any problems through an alarm and can be programmed according to the needs of the system, just like the room lights are turned on.

The standard equipment of the hermetic compressor, the automatic hot gas defrosting system and the condensation water elimination system make the GM range an autonomous product that does not require periodic maintenance.

For a detailed summary of the options available for this series, please refer to the videocatalogue.