Medium temperature: +10÷-5°C | Low temperature: -15÷-25°C | Multi-purpose temperature: 5÷-25°C | Freezing: -30÷-50°C

Medium temperature: 3,30÷21,30 kW | Low temperature: 1,10÷29,50 kW | Multi-purpose temperature: 2,90÷19,70 kW | Freezing: 4,80÷12,20 kW

Thru-wall mounted

R404A | R449A

Low-Medium temp. H: 540÷1.015 mm | L: 1.147÷2.652 mm | D: 1.290÷2.220 mm
Multi-porpose temp. H: 640÷1.015 mm | L: 992÷1.952 mm | D: 1.460÷2.220 mm
Freezing H: 840÷1.015 mm | L: 1.372÷1.952 mm | P: 2.220 mm


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The RS series models are chiller system for cold room.

These monoblock units characterized by extreme versatility of use, ideal for medium-large rooms.

The series is divided into 4 ranges: MRS (for Tc from -5 to -10 degrees with a maximum volume of 1,446 m³), BRS (for rooms from -25 to -15° with a maximum room volume of 1,875 m³), PRS (Tc from – 20 to 5° with a maximum room volume of 990m³) and CRS (for rooms from -50 to -30°) meeting specifically every conservation requirement.

All models consist of 2 units connected together to form a single structure: a condensing unit, with a steel body, and an evaporating unit, equipped with aluminum sheets that make the product compact and highly resistant.

The compressors supplied are hermetic or semi-hermetic.

The CRS range in particular is equipped with semi-hermetic two-stage reciprocating compressors for applications in freezing tunnels.

The solenoid and thermostatic valves for the expansion of the refrigerant are elements supplied as standard that allow an optimization of the degree of efficiency by controlling the injection of the refrigerant modulated

to the specific temperature of the room.

The fully automatic electrical defrosting and the automatic compressor preheating resistance guarantee a high degree of autonomy.

A control panel with electromechanical instrumentation controls all the elements of the machine, which makes it easy for the user to adjust of all of the parameters.

Fast and occasional maintenance is facilitated by the presence of front panels that can be opened for direct access to the refrigeration system.

The installation is of a wall type but the armored body guarantees the correct operation of the product even in the case of mounting outside the room.

A remote control panel on the wall allows the simultaneous setting of one or more machines mounted inside the same room completing the RS profile as a powerful, reliable and versatile refrigerating machine for a purely industrial use.

For a detailed summary of the options available for this series, please refer to the videocatalogue.