Medium temperature: +10÷-5°C | Low temperature: -15÷-25°C

Medium temperature: 0,60÷2,27 kW | Low temperature: 0,50÷2,00 kW

Straddle mounted

R404A | R134a | R152A

H: 605÷660 mm | L: 330÷760 mm | D: 845÷1.055 mm


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The models in the ZN range are monoblock for cold room. These monoblock units with a simple and compact design that are accessible to all types of customers, suitable for small-medium rooms.

The range is divided into two lines: MZN (for average temperatures, max 80 m³ of room) and BZN (for low temperatures, max 52 m³).

The small dimensions and robustness represent the strength of this range, guaranteeing a high level of efficiency in a variety of working conditions.

The body of the lower part has been designed to minimize the dimensions outside the room.

The overlapped installation is simple and not very invasive, taking advantage of the contained dimensions of the ZN that allow an easy mounting even in difficult positions (eg on the panel placed between corner and door).

Room adjustments are not required and the machine does not require any special maintenance actions once it has been mounted.

Performance is made more efficient by the standard equipment of the hermetic compressor and by the condensing coils with multichannel technology, elements that allow a moderate/low refrigerant charge making the ZN even more reliable.

The electronic defrosting system is completely automatic like the condensation water elimination system, which does not require any external connections, allowing clean and autonomous operation.

The standard equipment includes an electrical panel with a command and control unit for quick and adjustable settings for specific room conditions.

Line and light cables are included in the delivery as well as the relevant lamp and ceiling light.

For a detailed summary of the options available for this series, please refer to the videocatalogue.