Zanotti exposes in Host: our lifestyle, the cold storage supply chain, the future

From 18 to 22 October you will find us at the Host fair in Milano at the stand P16 Q15, Hall 2 “Pane, Pizza and Pasta” to introduce you our cold storage supply chain.

The highly cosmopolitan event brings more than 187,000 professional operators (source 2017, Milano Fiere) from catering, GDO,, furniture, design, services and many other sectors to the italian city.

A cross event to show visitors all the new products that in the present and for the future will evolve our relationship with the concept of hospitality.

Milano Host is also an opportunity to reflect on how to do business in an optimized way, avoiding waste and at the same time unnecessary loss of profit.

As a refrigeration company, we feel empowered about the management of the products that are marketed every day by these industries.

Over the years we have built a complete cold storage supply chain that meets the needs of all our current and potential customers, seeking efficiency and optimization of consumption in our units.

From the great industrial refrigeration, through the preservation of small commercial products, to the refrigerated transport for every type of vehicle, we want to contribute for a sustainable reality.

But why does the cold storage supply chain play a major role in the global environmental and economic landscape?

“Of all the perishable food produced in the world today, only 10% is refrigerated,” said Appel.

Of this number, thinking only in terms of food, FAO estimates “that 30% of the food produced for human consumption globally is lost or wasted somewhere along the food supply chain.”

The inefficiency is mainly due to “malfunction of the production and supply system due to the lack of adequate storage facilities, cold chain, inadequate food management practices, infrastructure and packaging”.

The refrigeration sector acquires considerable relevance “during the production, post-harvest, transformation” and transport phases of perishable goods, which nowadays due to inefficiencies, cause an annual global loss estimated in 1 trillion dollars” , not considering the 4.4 billion tons of C02 gas emissions that are released into the atmosphere as a result of the manufacture of the products that are then wasted.

The scenario is not sustainable in long term and a technological and cultural growth intervention is needed, in order to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and, more generally, perishable goods, improving the income of food chain’s player and simultaneously the consumer safety.

In this complex global context, Milano faces the new decade as the main candidate for international expression of Italy, a symbol of the meeting between innovation and culture of hospitality in Europe and around the world.

A megaphone for those who see a future only through the union of technology, efficiency and respect of the environment.

Hall 2 “Pane, Pizza and Pasta” thus proves to be the ideal stage to propose a first approach to the our cold storage supply chain presented in its commercial units related to the theme of the reference pavilion, but which make up only a portion of the our product range for all refrigeration phases.

Discover our cold storage supply chain, discover the perfect solution for you and for the world we live in.


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