SECH 63-71-80


Unifor fins spacing Unifor fins spacing: 4÷11 mm

Power Power: 2,38÷20,80 kW

Capacity Capacity SC2 (∆Ti 8°K): 20,2÷248,5 kW

Surface Surface: 62,8÷1.402,0 m²

Dimensions H: 1.342÷1.581 mm | L: 1.780÷6.180 mm | D: 1.077÷1.255 mm

Air flow Air flow: 14.500÷126.000 m³/h

air throw Air throw: 52÷91 m

Noise level Noise level: 58÷72 dB


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Cubic evaporator made with copper tube, 5/8″, 400/3/50 fans, 630 – 710 – 800 mm diameter.

Construction characteristics:
• Ø 5/8” seamless copper tube expanded into aluminium fins;
• Frame made in prepainted aluminum and galvanized steel, white colour, or stainless steel on request;
• Fan motors three-phase 400 V / 50 Hz protected with thermal contact to be connected.

• Air:”A” without defrost system;
• Electric “E”: stainless steel sheathed electric heaters, vulcanized terminals.
The heaters are connected in the sealed junction box, with star connection, to be powered with 400 V three-phase, connect the center star to the neutral;
• Water: “W” with sprinkler system;
• Special: hot gas in various systems.