Starting from 1st January 2015, the European F-Gas Regulation sets the use of refrigerant gases with the aim of reducing emissions by 79% and consequently the impact on the greenhouse effect by 2030.

In particular, starting from 2020, products using gas with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) higher than 2500 are no longer allowed in Europe.

Therefore, R404A, widely used, will have to be replaced.

For this reason we have studied an innovative solution suitable for new market needs.

The new GM range with A2L allows you to install a simple but reliable product with a GWP lower than 150.

We have selected the R455A gas for its excellent performance similar to R404A but which guarantee that it complies with the provisions of the most recent regulations, even in future years.

In addition to the low GWP, the R455A has further advantages such as high efficiency that allows to use a lower CO2 equivalent refrigerant charge.

Furthermore, thanks to its low flammability, it is a completely safe solution.

As the first product to be converted to work with this new gas, we have specifically selected the GM range because, thanks to its compact size, this unit proves to be versatile and efficient, even in small spaces.

Being a monoblock for wall application, it allows an easy installation avoiding huge cell adaptations.

Moreover, thanks to the low amount of refrigerant charge contained in the unit (less than 2.5 kg) it will be possible to install it in the place you deem most appropriate, without restrictions on access to the refrigerated cell.

It is available in 5 models, 3 of which in medium temperature and two in low temperature, thus adapting to all the most common application needs.

The outer casing structure of the new GM remains the same as the previous versions.

Thanks to this, you can easily replace the old unit with a new one.

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