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Cured meats

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Fish and

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Process liquids
and gas compression

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Fruit and

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Maturation of

Ice skating

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Milk and
dairy products

Industrial refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration solutions

Our industrial division deals with the manufacturing of big systems for the industrial refrigeration.

Our industrial solutions allow a wide range of applications: large rack units with semi-hermetic or screw compressors, design and production of refrigeration large systems to preserv fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, milk, yogurt, ice cream and cured meat, large plants like refrigerated stores, logistical centers, clean rooms, catering and other special applications like ice rinks and hockey rinks.

Respect for the environment is a fundamental choice for us, in line with the trend to which all industrial countries have committed resources and procedures.

The constant use of state-of-the-art technology enables us to be always efficiency and to concur with environmental safety regulations.

Refrigerated warehouse

Refrigerated warehouse

The evolution in the food industry also involves the correct and rational logistic of transportation and distribution.

Thanks to the experience we have built up over many years, we are able to provide solutions in the field of large dedicated refrigeration systems.

We realize refrigerated warehouse with temperatures ranging from -30° to 0° C using ammonia or green gases, in turn-key solution, including thermic insulation, covering and storing structures, with optimized costs and with minimum energy consumption.

The plants are controlled and programmed by a central system that activates operating times, temperatures, priorities and alarms for a simple, safe and reliable management.

Catering services

Catering services

The industry of ‘collective food’ understood as production and distribution of food and prepared meals, has an increasingly important role in the public catering for canteens, hospitals, airlines, trains, community and ceremonies.

The sector needs modern, rational and hygienic plants with pressurized refrigerated rooms and able to comply with the strictest international hygienic rules.

We have a great experience in the whole cold chain applied to the production of prepared foods, starting from the preservation of food until the different stages of processing in hygienic air conditioned rooms, from the reduction of temperatures to the freezing, from the sterile packaging to final refrigerated automatized logistics platforms for distribution.

In the plants with higher hygienic standards we install our own airclean refrigeration sanitation systems, which can be completely cleaned and sterilised.

Along with the requirements of the products, at the same time we take care of the comfort of the operators with special air diffusion systems that avoid air flow and turbulences.

Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables

A good fruits and vegetables preservation is obtained with refrigeration systems that maintain maintaining the correct temperature values but above all of humidity to avoid products deterioration and keep, keeping intact the organoleptic qualities (freshness, flavor, consistency, appearance and quality).

Our refrigeration systems (with ammonia, ecological gases and glycol), also realizes the plants for the conservation in generated and controlled atmospheres: ULO and DCA systems for the control of fruits and vegetables metabolism by reducing the production of ethylene by the fruit, blocking the degradation of chlorophyll (green color), delaying the pectin hydrolysis of pectin (hardness of the pulp), slowing down the demolition of vitamins and acids.

We can design differently composed systems with different features according to the required purposes.

Meats processing

Meats processing

The slaughtering and meat processing centers require powerful and safe systems, without problems resulting from power shortages, gas leaks or malfunctions.

We manufacture ammonia, ecological gases and glycol refrigeration plants, fast blast chilling and freezing tunnels, conservation cooling rooms maintaining the best organoleptic qualities of the meat with weight loss control.

In the deboning and packaging areas, washable and sterilizable air conditioning systems are installed with rapid rooms drying and systems for rooms sanitization.

All this in compliance with CE and HACCP standards with monitoring and recording of temperature parameters.

Cured meats production

Cured meats production

Producing and seasoning cured meats according to the best traditions is an art; making plants that best reproduce the ideal drying and seasoning conditions is a profession that we have learned with years of experience.

Our drying, maturing and seasoning systems for cured meats equipped with enthalpy functioning devices (with intelligent use of the outside air), clean rooms for packaging, the high quality of the materials used and the high level of hygiene of the plants that can be washed and sanitized easily are appreciated by those who produce high-end cured meats.

All systems are computerized, with customizable cycles and recipes and recording of thermohygrometric parameters.

Fish and seafood products

Fish and seafood products

It is extremely important to obtain a perfect preservation and to keep the original freshness of fish and seafood products.

We produce refrigeration systems for fish and sea food, freezing tunnels and cold rooms to store frozen products, conditioning for fish processing rooms with air ventilation and filters.

All systems are made of materials that are suitably corrosion-resistant that conform to EC standards.

The choice of delegating the design, implementation and construction of the system to a specialized team follows the company logic to allocate specific skills in order to create customized solutions that fully satisfy customer’s requests.

Maturation of cheeses

Maturation of cheeses

The maturation of cheeses has its roots in ancient traditions.

Traditions that we reproduce in compliance with the ideal conditions of maturation and aging for the various types of cheeses (fresh, with herbs, goat, “muffettato”, up to Parmesan and “pecorino”) avoiding unwanted mold, bacteria, weight loss and waste. On these principles our Airclean refrigeration systems, which can be washed and sanitized were developed.

The air conditioning of a dairy, including the production and processing rooms, is carried out with highly hygienic systems that can be washed and sanitized, and with logical flows of air circulation designed to avoid cross-contamination.

Milk and dairy products

Milk and dairy products

The temperature treatment of drinks, and in particular of milk and dairy products, requires large quantities of cold at low costs.

We design and manufacture, specifically for this sector, refrigeration plants with ammonia and ecological natural gases with high efficiency and minimum management costs.

In addition to the cold-water production plants, we manufacture rapid cooling and hardening tunnels, sterile air conditioning systems and clean-rooms for packaging and bottling rooms, so as to provide an integrated solution for the entire production plant.

Cleaning rooms

Cleaning rooms

We design and manufacture systems for the hygienic air treatment with particular attention to the control of contamination.

The equipment used in our plants are specifically designed to be washable and sanitized.

Suitable for all sectors where a high level of hygiene or air quality is required, they can be equipped with the most sophisticated filtration systems.

“Airclean” units differentiate themselves into three levels (blue, silver and gold), and are indispensable in all those systems where hygiene and air quality are a “must”. They adapt themselves to all possible market requests, including those where absolute filtration is an indispensable requirement and, implementing Anti COVID-19 filters where required.

Our units are:
› specially designed not to allow stagnation of water
› avoid problems of bacteriological pollution (e.g. salmonella)
› equipped with automatic washing system
› made according to hygienic design criteria
› compliant with CE regulations
› filtration class from G3 to H14

Process liquids and gas compression

Process liquids and gas compression

We design and manufacture refrigeration systems for the process fluids cooling with applications in the petrochemical field and for the natural gas compression (Oil & Gas).

The equipment is sized and manufactured according to the customer’s needs and in compliance with rigorous technical specifications and regulations in force in the installation areas.

We pay particular attention to the compression plants installed upstream of gas turbines and dedicated to the production of energy and normally based on screw compression units.

Ice skating rings

Ice skating rings

We designs and manufactures refrigeration and air conditioning systems for arenas and ice stadiums with particular attention to hockey, short-treck, figure skating, curling and speed sports. The know-how acquired in over 40 years of experience has allowed the refinement of technologies that make these systems reliable, safe and easy and economical to manage.

The construction of important Olympic Stadiums and Arenas for World Hockey Championships places us among the European companies with the most experience in this sector.

The systems are managed through a SCADA system with specially designed and programmed software that allows you to monitor the functionality and parameters of all the equipment even remotely, to supervise the climatic and temperature conditions of the ice and the environment by checking the status and technology plate performance.

The entry into the Daikin world has made it possible to integrate refrigeration and air conditioning to achieve a synergistic installation with significant energy savings.

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