Refrigeration excellence since 1962

Why excellence in refrigeration?

At Zanotti S.p.A., we design and manufacture commercial, semi-industrial, industrial and transported refrigeration systems.

Our primary activity is making the most appropriate use of the cold.

Thanks to our units, we can cover the entire product lifecycle along the cold chain.

Refrigeration and storage, drying and curing, liquid cooling and storage, as well as refrigerated transport.

Cooling is everywhere and vital to many aspects of modern life and its demand is set to soar.

University of Birmingam.

People take it for granted, but it is no exaggeration to say that life would soon become extremely difficult if refrigeration was suddenly no longer available to the economy for some reason.

Our company has always looked for the best solutions, investing resources and paying attention to new market demands.

Our approach is based on continuous innovation and technological improvement.

continuously updating to guarantee professionalism to our customers

creating quality products that are technologically advanced and reliable

increasingly satisfying new requirements

Our technology

Each of our units has been researched and designed with the aim of keeping all types of products at the correct temperature, adopting the most appropriate solutions time and time again.

Listening to our customers and paying attention to the environment, our solutions are ever more user-friendly and with a lower environmental impact.

Towards ever greener solutions

Every gas that affects the climate is characterised by its own Global Warming Potential (GWP), which is the measure of how much its molecule contributes to the greenhouse effect.

We use increasingly environmentally-friendly gases with an increasingly lower GWP, such as CO2, ammonia and propane.

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