Medium temperature: +10÷-5°C | Low temperature: -15÷-25°C | Multi-purpose temperature: +10°÷-25°C

Medium temperature: 0,76÷6,80 kW | Low temperature: 1,07÷7,90 kW | Multi-porpose temperature: 3,10÷8,85 kW

Thru-wall mounted

R404A | R134a | R407F | R407C | R449A

H: 690÷705 mm | L: 537÷1.852 mm | D: 825÷1.240 mm


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The models in the AS-R series are monoblock units for mobile cold room.

These units are designed for the storage of fresh products in rooms mounted on trailers subjected to continuous movement.

The series is divided into 3 ranges: MAS (for average temperature, +10° ÷ -5° and maximum room volume 273 m³), BAS (for low temperature -15 ÷ -25° and maximum room volume 253m³) and PAS, AS-R multipurpose version able to reproduce both temperature ranges.

The power range varies from 0.5 to 5.5 kW for MAS and from 2.6 to 7.4 for BAS.

The AS-R is a special outdoor refrigerating machine: the ABS body is designed so as to avoid rain water infiltration if the unit stops, allowing the use of these groups on movable rooms without particular protection against atmospheric agents.

Extremely solid and effective, the body contains a powerful and versatile refrigeration system equipped with a hermetic rotary compressor to guarantee maximum reliability over time from the point of view of mechanical stress, a considerable factor during frequent transport.

The expansion phase is of capillary type while the condenser integrated into the monoblock and supplied already loaded with refrigerant, is equipped with a 4-pole fan and complete with a pressure switch for the fan.

The standard equipment of the AS-R models includes the liquid separator-accumulator complete with a dehydrating filter, a 100-120 mm buffer and a preheating resistor useful to ensure correct machine operation following the external installation of the unit.

The internal components are completed by the multiple hot gas defrosting system and by a double solenoid and the collection basin for the condensation water produced by the evaporation phase.

The models equal to or greater than version 235 are also equipped with maximum and minimum pressure switches with automatic reset, fixed or variable, for increased safety and efficiency during operation.

The evaporating unit, integrated in the monoblock, takes position inside the room following the buffer installation on the wall.

The type of easy, fast and non-invasive installation for the internal volume of the room, given the compactness of the product, consists of a single hole for housing the machine, leaving the condensing unit outside.

The arrangement of the body for protection at the highest level of the internal components allows the condensing unit to suck the air in the lower part of the machine while the expulsion takes place at the front through the appropriate slots.

The constructive solutions of the AS-R allow an extreme rapidity in the electrical connection of the machine, the presence of a plug on the side of the body, to which the cables are supplied for the room light (1m) and for the micro door (3m).

The control and setting of the unit is simple and intuitive through the electric or electromechanical control panel protected by a door with a key lock.

The front panel is fitted with safety fuses and includes the main switch, the temperature indicator associated with the internal control electric thermostat, the manual defrost button, the preheating switch and the power indicator light allowing the user to have the accurate control of the AS-R activities during transportation without having to enter the room.

The options available for the AS-R can be checked in the videocatalogue.