Temperature: GZH range +5÷-20°C | HZH range -15÷-40°C

Liquid volume displaced: 7,58÷110,50 m³/h

Mounted outside on the ground

R404A | R134a | R407H | R449A

H: 570÷1.310 mm | L: 1.045÷1.740 mm | D: 905÷1.050 mm


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The ZH series models are remote chiller open, non-faired condensing units that are ideal for inclusion in industrial refrigeration systems.

The series is divided into 2 models: GZH for operating temperatures from 5° to -20° with nominal absorption from 2.9 to 32 kW and HZH for operating temperatures from -15° to -40° with nominal absorption from 3.06 to 50 kW.

All ZH models have been built around a robust base in welded sections, on which the semi-hermetic compressor, the condenser and the liquid receiver with connection pipes are mounted.

The power range covered by the compressors supplied with the series varies from 7.58 to 110.5 m³/h allowing the ZH a great versatility of application.

We offers 2 types of standard equipment: basic and full.

In both versions, the unit is equipped with a Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor, an air condenser complete of conveyor and 1 or 2 4-pole axial fans, a liquid receiver with a safety valve and a preheating resistor.

The full set-up also includes the dehydrating filter, a light and taps supplied with the liquid receiver in addition to the liquid and oil separators complete with a pressure switch.

Double maximum and minimum pressure switches, with manual or automatic calibration, for the compressor and the pressure switch for the fan, increase the level of safety and reliability of the machine.

The full set-up is completed with the exhaust and suction anti-vibration dampers, which are useful as they allow the standard installation of the ZH inside, on the ground, without excessive disturbance to the user during operation.

The box with a terminal strip allows the easy electrical connection of the unit, completing the equipment for a light-weighted, safe and extremely versatile condensing machine thanks to the design and creation of an efficient refrigerating system suitable to meet a wide range of needs of the user.

For a detailed summary of the options, please refer to the videocatalogue.