Last modified: 25 May 2018

Daikin Europe N.V. is a Company wholly owned by the Japanese company Daikin Industries LTD. Daikin Group manufactures, sells, distributes and Markets solutions and facilities for air conditioning, Heating, ventilation and refrigeration, together with its European subsidiaries.

Daikin Europe N.V., together with its European subsidiaries( Followed, “DENV-G”, “the Company”, etc.) and its parent company Daikin Industries Ltd. (hereinafter “DIL”), is sincerely committed to In the protection of personal Data collected by Interested parties Followed “User”) offline, through e.g. Paper forms, contracts, Declarations (hereinafter “Forms”) or online, through the site Web or the site (hereinafter “website”) and through, for example, but not limited to, DENV-G Applications (web), digital software and tools (hereinafter “Applications”).

In accordance with the general European Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (GDPR), in order to:

  • Ensure the Transparency in the nature of personal Data that DENV-G collects Offline through Forms or online through the website and/or Through Applications;
  • Ensure transparency in the use of personal Data collected;
  • Facilitating those Concerned in exercising their rights;

Therefore, DENV-G defines this data protection Policy.

Data Protection User’s personal is important for DENV-G. The Company aims to Process your personal Data in a legitimate, appropriate and Transparent.

Please Read this data protection Policy and its main Key Terms, shown below in uppercase.

In this regard, if you have any questions or comments, please CONTACT DENV-G.


Daikin Europe N.V. and its European subsidiaries, As established within the European Union, they are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (GDPR) and a Any future legislation, pursuant to that Regulation, Which enter into force in the Member State in which they are established.


The Personal Data Forwarded From the offline user through the Modules or online through the Web Site and/or Applications are used for the purposes Described below by Daikin Europe N.V., with its registered office in Zandvoordestraat 300, B-8400 Oostende (VAT 412,120,336), in Quality of the data controller (see Key Terms).

The European subsidiaries of Daikin Europe N.V. Act as Holders of the processing With reference to the Processing of personal Data collected offline Through Forms or online through the website and/or Applications.


In the future it is possible that Daikin Europe N.V., together with DIL, jointly decide on the basis of a written agreement, purpose and means of Data Processing Personal, as a Contact of the treatment.

In the future It is possible that Daikin Europe N.V., together with its European subsidiaries, establish Jointly, on the basis of a written agreement, purpose and means of the Processing of personal Data as a Contact person of the treatment (for example, but not exhaustive, in all cases where the is particularly involved in the Processing of Data Locally for the development of a project).

In these cases the Whose personal Data are to be processed by the Contact Persons Of the treatment will be informed accordingly.


Daikin Europe N.V. may also act as the Controller on behalf of its European subsidiaries for any online Or offline processing Of personal data supervised by The European subsidiaries.

The European subsidiaries of Daikin Europe N.V. may act as Responsible for the Treatment on behalf and behind the instructions of Daikin Europe N.V. SE Arrangements for data processing are in place.


DENV-G, to the extent Collects, processes, records, preserves and transfers Data Personnel provided offline through Modules or Online through the website and/or Applications, as an example But not exhaustive, in the following cases: by visiting the website, using Applications, filling out offline or online registration Forms; Reporting cases of non-conformity; Contacting DENV-G; Presenting Job applications; By clicking on the social media buttons; Providing Feedback (e.g. on Modules, products, Applications, website, support Customers); Responding to surveys and other activities.

Personal Data is Collected on an optional basis or on a mandatory basis. If it is Required to provide personal Data, these will be marked with Therefore. In The event that an Interested party fails or denies Provide the personal Data that DENV-G has marked as mandatory, the Company will not accordingly be able to carry on the process or The activity required by that Person.

An Example of Data Personnel marked as compulsory is represented by the Situation in which an interested Party wishes to submit Forms of Recording. In this case, DENV-G needs some personal data In order to be able to process the related registration request. If The Interested party wants to register but does not provide personal data Marked as mandatory, DENV-G will not accept and treat The registration request.

DENV-G can collect Personal Data on the basis of consent or without the consent Concerned if: 1) It is necessary to fulfil an obligation to Legal; 2) must be executed or a contract will be executed where The Person concerned is one of the parties; 3) There are legitimate interests, Public interests or vital interests to be protected that will prevail over Rights of the Interested party involved; 4) An authority has requested DENV-G To treat personal Data.

DENV-G may further treat the user’s personal Data only:

  • If the purpose of the further Treatment is compatible with the purpose of the initial collection of the user’s personal Data;
  • If the user Consent to the further Processing of data for a Purpose that is new and not compatible with the purpose of the collection of personal Data.

In subparagraphs 2.1 and 2.2, the personal Data collected by DENV-G and the purpose of the collection are reported.


The user can be Required to provide DENV-G, depending on the purpose of each Treatment and To the extent necessary, different types of personal Data included, Illustrative but not exhaustive title, name, surname, date and place of Birth, title, address, phone, mobile phone, email address, Language, country, nationality, identity card, licence number of Guide, tax code, passport number, information about the Curriculum, employer, employment, customer number, personal URL Social media, credit card, preferences, interest, feedback.

DENV-G also uses the Personal Information you provide to third parties, such as Service providers, or personal Data in the public domain such as Personal data that is visible on the own website or blog or posted on the social media profile Publicly accessible.

DENV-G may also Receiving personal Data through third parties as a result of mergers, Acquisitions and any other processing operations.

2.1.1 Purpose of the collection of Personal Data.

After being Collected, the personal Data mentioned above are used for a Series of purposes, which are listed below:

  • Business Administration and customer management.

DENV-G must be able to perform Contracts in a proper and correct manner, and carry out all processes Accounting and legal requirements. As a result, DENV-G will need to Some personal Data provided by the Interested parties offline through Forms or online through the website and Applications. In accordance with Regulation (EU) 679/2016, for the purposes of implementing Contract, the consent of the Person concerned, who is or will be a part of a Contract, is not required.

With reference to the Management of customer relations and the provision of services to Customers, DENV-G uses personal Data (e.g. name, country, Nationality, e-mail address, customer code, card information of credit) in order to:

  • Consider whether it would be feasible to sell products or provide services to a customer before signing a contract;
  • Process customer’s written requests, customer orders for products and services, and cashback requests;
  • Identify and contact customers for a discount;
  • Inform customers about their rights and additional services related to the product or service purchased;
  • Inform customers about Daikin’s events and promotional campaigns and submit their invitations;
  • Manage access to DENV-G’s premises, website and Applications;
  • Organise and carry out assistance interventions for customers and installers;
  • Inform customers of an imminent maintenance deadline.
  • Distribution of the products.

DENV-G uses the personal Data for the distribution of the products and in particular for:

  • Facilitate European Subsidiaries in the distribution of products and in the Provision of services through authorized agencies, Partners Website and/or through Applications;
  • Facilitate the Distributors in the delivery of products, spare parts and Services (for example, personal Data is included in the bubbles of Delivery accompanying the transport of a purchased product);
  • Optimize sales and services by processing offers for customers;
  • Improve and accelerate the distribution of DENV-G products and services;
  • Examine the technical data of installations and the status of contracts and projects;
  • Organize and provide training to customers, installers, employees and subcontractors.
  • Supplier Management.

DENV-G uses Data To keep records of suppliers and providers of information about Services, to record and manage purchase orders, business expenses and Invoices provided by suppliers and service providers.

  • Direct Marketing.

As a producer and A leading provider of solutions and systems for heating, ventilation and Air conditioning (including heat and refrigeration pumps), DENV-G is in Able to provide information tailored to the user and its Requirements (for example, using transaction data, DENV-G is in Able to inform the user about services, offers and suggestions Related to purchase. This is the so-called “direct marketing”.

DENV-G uses Data Personal Data that is publicly available (e.g. information available on the Internet, through the results Research, social media results) or personal Data Received by third parties (e.g. Internet service Providers) to Direct marketing purposes and to attract new customers.

DENV-G carries out marketing Directed also with the purpose of organizing internal events, travel, Presentations, meetings for employees, customers and business Partners.

DENV-G conducts marketing Directed through a variety of media included, by way of Illustrative but not exhaustive, text messaging on mobile, Surveys, email, website, online advertising, database marketing, Applications and events.

DENV-G conducts direct marketing on the basis of its legitimate interest in pursuing commercial objectives.

DENV-G can play Direct marketing in response to the express consent of the Person concerned. DENV-G can play Direct marketing in response to the express consent of the Person concerned.

DENV-G undertakes to Ensure that direct marketing information is provided in the A clear and adequate way and using the channel designated by the Recipient in order to minimize the inconvenience of being Disturbed.

  • Improvement of the quality of products and services.

DENV-G uses Data Personnel collected through Forms, job applications, surveys, Surveys, comments, feedback sent to DENV-G or other companies in the Daikin Group to improve their products and services, make Further surveys, develop analytical models, risk, Marketing and other models and to produce statistics. DENV-G uses Also the user’s transaction data to develop models Global and perform analyses.

Example: DENV-G could Need to process the number of people who bought one Specific Daikin product or have requested a specific service.

For This purpose, DENV-G is Commit as much as possible to aggregate personal Data anonymously Or Pseudo Anonymous, in order to ensure that this personal Data is not are easily identifiable or no longer identifiable as Data of the user.

The Practice of Treatment of personal Data for statistical purposes is particularly justified From DENV-G’s desire to put in place strategic choices to have Better performance on the market and to provide the user with products and Better services.

Personal Data can Also be used to evaluate, simplify and improve the DENV-G processes, such as optimizing campaigns, procedures, and And sales, both offline and online, through the website and/or Applications.

Example: If the user does not Completed a procedure or the sales process, DENV-G will be able to Contact him to find out what the problem was and if you can Provide help to the user. In this case, DENV-G limits its Contact to provide technical and administrative support for that Specific procedure or that specific process.

  • Recruitment and selection.

In order to employ “Talents”, DENV-G collects personal Data such as, for example, Other, name, e-mail, phone number, curriculum information, URL to social media profile from open candidates and targeted candidates Which apply, for example, to job vacancies, International internships, internship for students.

The Personal Data provided By the candidates (through the compilation of Forms or the registration and The creation of a personal account on the website or at the time of Access to Applications) will be used for the Treatment of Questions, to contact applicants for activities related to the Management of human resources, manage recruitment processes (e.g. Inviting candidates to interviews and conducting written tests) and Draw up employment contracts.

DENV-G undertakes to Delete personal Data belonging to the candidates from their archives That were not recruited at the end of the selection process, when There is no legitimate reason to keep them.

  • Staff Management and salary benefits.

DENV-G uses personal Data in order to manage the personnel and, in particular, to:

  • Manage and track work contracts and payslips;
  • Pay salaries;
  • Track attendance, travel and employee training activities;
  • Communicating with health insurance companies;
  • Provide employees with insurance, corporate assets and performance-related pay benefits.
  • Record keeping and accounting.

DENV-G uses personal Data for the purposes of keeping records and accounting and for the purpose of:

  • Track transactions
  • Issue invoices related to the sales and services provided;
  • Fill in tax declarations and related forms to fulfil tax obligations;
  • Process Statistics based on transaction data (e.g. Regarding the number of transactions and in which area);
  • Comply with existing legislation and regulatory requirements at both national and European and international level.
  • Claims and litigation.

DENV-G can use the Personal Data as evidence and to ascertain, exercise and safeguard the Rights or rights of those that the company represents (e.g. In disputes) before any jurisdiction in any country (for example, among others, the right of DENV-G to defend against acts of unfair competition or the right of DENV-G to urge The fulfilment of an unresolved invoice).

  • Prevention of fraud and crime.

DENV-G can also Use personal Data to prevent, detect and investigate crimes and On computer hazards for legitimate interest or when it requires A public authority.

  • Business Activity and office management.

DENV-G transmits and/or Jointly uses the personal Data collected with DIL and/or other Daikin Group Company and/or its trading Partners only when Necessary and with a view to developing periodic reports on the results and Activities, business plans and corporate strategies.

DENV-G provides for the Treatment of the personal Data of European citizens who have been Legally collected by another company in the Daikin Group, unless There is no legal impediment (e.g. an obligation of confidentiality or a provision in the data protection laws).

DENV-G undertakes to Put in place all the appropriate measures for Data protection With regard to intra-group communications in line with the Regulation (EU) 679/2016.


2.2.1 Purpose of the collection Of Personal data.

When the user visits the website and/or Applications, DENV-G collects some of its personal Data for the following purposes:

  • Facilitation of the use of the website and/or the Applications.

Collecting some Data Personal information (e.g. IP address, login data), DENV-G is able to Better adapt the website and/or Applications according to the Needs of the user.

Through the use of cookies, denv-G It will automatically collect some personal Data such as But not limited to specific information on the Devices (e.g. IP address, browser type), information about the Access (e.g. research questions), information on the Geo-localization (e.g. through the Wi-Fi access point) to the In order to facilitate the use of the website and/or the Applications and Increase comfort while using them.

Example: In order to Support and simplify the process of user identification, DENV-G stores user name and password through a Cookie; In this The user does not need to enter the credentials of a Identification or other personal information at each visit

DENV-G uses several Types of Cookies: necessary, functional, tracers, social plug-ins, Third party advertising, proprietary analysis. To have more Information about what Cookies are, what types are used and Why, read the “Cookie Policy“.

  • Monitoring of the interests and preferences of the interested Parties.

DENV-G, within the Own Website and/or Applications, based on the consensus or Of legitimate interest, can systematically and regularly monitor the Personal Data through automated decision technologies and Cookie. This is done in order to evaluate certain aspects Personal information relating to a natural person, in particular to analyse and provide for aspects relating to the work performance of that Person, his or her economic situation, personal preferences, The interests, reliability, behaviour, position or (Geo-localization).

For more information, read the “Cookie Policy” Corporate.

3. Will The PERSONAL DATA COLLECTED be disclosed to third parties?

For The above purposes, DENV-G may need services, advice and/or assistance from Third parties, including but not limited to, for the purposes of Maintenance of the Applications and the bug fixing, the purchase of Applications, the data hosting, the advice on compliance with the Laws and standards, Application development, services related to Human resources, delivery services, Internet provider services, Production of statistics and more.

In this regard, the Extent necessary, DENV-G may transmit or disclose personal Data Collected to any natural person or legal person, to Subcontractors and Business Partners who are third parties with respect to DENV-G or Daikin Group.

DENV-G does not sell or acquire your personal Data from third parties for your personal use.

Whenever DENV-G has to Transmit or disclose certain personal Data collected to third parties, Except in the case of the legitimate interest of the third party, DENV-G Ensure that you have an agreement to treat the data with that third Part by virtue of the provisions of Regulation (EU) 679/2016, Asking the third party to fulfil the principles and provisions Of the same Regulation and to align themselves with the safety standards Appropriate.

4. Transfer of PERSONAL data to third Countries (NON-EU)

Within the scope of the objectives Described above, DENV-G transmits and uses jointly the Data Collected personnel belonging to the Parties present in the Union With DIL and/or other Daikin Group companies and/or Partners Trade offices in any non-EU country.

DENV-G has established Appropriate standard contractual clauses and appropriate safeguards Concerning any transfer of personal Data between Daikin Europe and Dil. In any case, the transfer of personal Data to a country not EU, DENV-G undertakes:

  • Ensure Appropriate level of protection by setting appropriate safeguards and Complying with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 679/2016;
  • Manage the transfer of personal Data on the basis of:
    1. European Union adequacy decisions; or
    2. Standard contractual clauses/binding corporate rules; Or
    3. Code of conduct approved by the relevant supervisory authority/official security certifications.
  • Manage the Transfer of personal Data on the basis of consensus Of the Person whose personal Data is to be transferred, or On the basis of the derogations pursuant to article 49 of Regulation (EU) 679/2016 If the transfer cannot be carried out on the basis of the above Cases a), b), c).

5. Data Retention and related criteria

DENV-G does not retain Data User’s personal forever. DENV-G uses personal Data To the extent necessary and only with the purpose of pursuing the purposes Above. After The goal has been reached, DENV-G undertakes to Delete Personal Data, unless their storage is Required by law at national, European or international level.

The starting point for Storing personal Data is the legal retention period (which is often ten years and lasts until the expiration of a contract or the End of business relationship). The period may be longer necessary for the exercise of the rights of DENV-G.

If It is not established Any retention period by law, the retention period May be shorter, in accordance with, but not limited to Exhaustive, one of the following criteria: contract duration and obligations Legal Commercial and organisational needs; Business relationship to Long-term; Pursuit of direct marketing, statistics.

Some ideas become more Only be clear when they are considered over a longer period of time. For this reason, some types of personal Data may be Extended time horizon (e.g. for those necessary to design risk and marketing models).

As has been stated, DENV-G undertakes as much as possible to work with personal Data anonypsed or Pseudo anonyme and in all cases will cease the Connections with individuals as quickly as possible.


If you have any questions about Protection of your personal Data or the exercise of your Rights, the user may contact DENV-G at any time by writing to Daikin Europe N.V. or one of its European subsidiaries, By Calling Daikin Europe N.V. or one of Its European subsidiaries, By mail a specific Form or by submitting the Form Available online under each section “Contact DENV-G” through the Web Site and/or Applications.

After the personal Data have been subjected to Treatment, the user has several rights in The quality of the Subject Concerned, which can be exercised as a Shown below.

The user must be more Specific possible whenever you wish to exercise your rights. DENV-G can only respond adequately to requests expressed in sufficiently detailed manner. DENV-G will have to verify the identity As detailed as possible to prevent the user from Someone else is trying to exercise his rights. The User therefore You will be asked to provide a valid identification document to the Time of submission of such request.

If you wish to access the personal Data that DENV-G treats or would like to have more information about:

-The purpose of the Treatment;

-The categories of personal Data in question,

-The categories of recipients to whom the personal Data have been or will be communicated;

-the planned period of retention of Data or the criteria used to establish that period,

-The rights of the subject concerned,

-the rights which the person concerned may exercise with respect to the Treatment by DENV-G,

-the existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling, and

Expected consequences;

and any other Information available regarding the Processing of personal Data, You must fill out the following form by clicking Here.

DENV-G will use the Data Personnel provided by you through the form for the sole purpose of Check and proceed to the Treatment of the request.

If you exercise the right to access, DENV-G will provide you with a complete list or a copy of your personal Data.

  • You may supplement/rectify/delete/restrict the processing of your Personal data by clicking here.

It May happen that some Personal Data held by DENV-G are not (or have ceased to BE) corrected. It May also happen that the user wants to add Something to your personal Data provided to DENV-G. The user can Ask for the adjustment or integration of your personal Data in Any time by clicking here.

If the user wants DENV-G Delete your personal Data the request will be processed, Unless there is an impediment or incompatibility within the meaning of the Law or by virtue of legitimate interests with respect to elimination. If The user wishes to request the deletion of personal Data, it is Need to click here.

The user can obtain the limitation to the Treatment of their personal Data at any time by clicking here.

  • The user can ask for the portability of their Personal data for yourself or for third parties by clicking here.

If your personal Data is Collected through electronic means, the user can ask for the Portability of personal Data provided for itself or for third parties, By clicking here.

  • You may withdraw your consent to The processing of your Personal data by clicking here.

Whenever the user Provides DENV-G with its consent for Data Processing May subsequently withdraw such consent in any By following the suggested procedure and as easily as provided him.

If you wish to withdraw your consent, you can do so at any time by clicking here.

  • You may Oppose Data processing Or treatment through automated decision-making systems by clicking here.

If the user is not Agree with the ways in which DENV-G itends its legitimate Interests to deal with certain personal Data, may oppose doing Click here. DENV-G will have to process the objections unless there are reasons Legitimate reasons not to do so or grounds provided for by law (e.g. An objection will be worth refusing if the Processing of personal Data is been led to combat fraud).

If the user disagrees With the Treatment through an individual decision-making process Automated direct marketing carried out by DENV-G, may oppose Any time by clicking here.

If the user disagrees In the manner in which DENV-G provides for the Processing of Data Or if you have any other questions about it, you can always contact The data protection Authority of your country of residence example, if you reside in Belgium, you may contact the Authority to Data protection involved:; Committee on the protection of private life, Rue de la Presse, 35, 1000 Brussels).

7. Data Protection Officer

The following are the contacts of the DENV-G data protection Officer:

  • E-mail address:;
  • By post: (to the attention of) data protection Officer of DENV-G, Zandvoordestraat 300, B-8400 Oostende, Belgium


Through your Site Web or DENV-G Applications does not treat personal Data of people Under 16 years of age, nor does it propose any commercial offers or Try to contact them, unless their legal representative does not provided consent.


DENV-G has implemented Appropriate security measures in order to maintain the integrity and Security, as well as preventing destruction, loss, alteration Accidental or unlawful disclosure or access to the Personal Data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed, online by Regulation (EU) 679/2016.


DENV-G regularly searches To improve their efforts to protect personal Data. The This data protection Policy can be changed or Updated in the light of future laws at international level, European and National.

DENV-G will inform the user Of all the substantive changes in this security Policy Offline data or via online media (for example, via the Website, during the first visit or every update of the This data protection Policy).

The user can always find the latest version of the DENV-G data protection Policy on the site or for each Application by clicking the “Data Protection Policy” section.


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