Temperature: +25÷+10°C

Power: 6,9÷155,8 kW

Mounted on the ground inside the room

R404A | R407F | R449A

H: 1.940÷2.980 mm | L: 1.500÷3.070 mm | D: 975÷1.875 mm

Humidity Humidity: 60÷80%


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The SV series models are refrigeration units designed for aging processes of cured meats, ham seasoning and for treating cheeses with the need for temperature and relative humidity control in medium and large-sized volume rooms for industrial use.

The working range includes operating temperatures from +25° to +10°.

The working range includes operating temperatures from +25° to +10°. The SV series is offered in the following models: USV0002, USV003, USV004, USV005, USV007, USV010, USV015, USV020, USV025, USV030, USV035, USV040, USV050 and USV060 for a power range and total room volume of 6.9 ÷ 155.8 kW and 75m³ ÷ 1600m³, respectively.

All models are able to reproduce customized aging and treating cycles, guaranteeing production in all seasons with any external climatic variation.

The SV system is composed of an efficient air handling unit, floor-mounted, made of AISI 304 stainless steel and equipped with removable panels that allow easy access to the electric refrigeration components completely contained within the body.

The SV refrigeration system is equipped with a hermetic or semi-hermetic compressor provided, for models equal to or greater than 007, with integrated thermal protection.

The refrigerant expansion phase takes place by means of a thermostatic valve.

The air-cooled condenser is remote and equipped with 4 or 6-pole ventilation and thermostatic speed variator with horizontal air flow for the optimum condensation pressure.

The SV industrial aging units are equipped with large and efficient evaporators with a centrifugal fan and regulating valve, which are capable of generating an air flow from 1500 to 35000m³/h, allowing, thanks to the special galvanized sheet T-shaped ducts designed according to the room dimensions, the distribution of the air in the environment by creating the optimal flow for the required work process. The T-shaped ducts are complete with a motorized damper.

The units are supplied loaded with refrigerant and complete with remote-type liquid receiver, taps, safety valve, dehydrating filter and control lights.

A distinctive feature of the SV is the humidification-dehumidification system, necessary for the implementation of the drying cycles.

Regulated directly by a electronic control unit, the operation of the humidity control system with electrical resistances is based on the water automatically introduced by the water network system to which the machine is connected.

The dehumidification phase precedes a recovery post-heating process while the temperature inside the room is regulated by electric heating with an electronic control thermostat to guarantee precise and efficient operation during all work phases.

The air exchange process in the room is controlled by the unit itself, allowing highly effective centralized monitoring.

The internal components are completed by the pre-heating element and the hot gas defrost system.

The units can be positioned inside or outside the room with suitable insulation, while the installer is responsible for connecting the remote condenser using the special joints supplied.

The correct operation of the machine can always be controlled by means of an electrical panel with safety fuses placed laterally to the body.

The adjustment of parameters and working times of the SV units takes place directly via the control unit with digital display for a fast, simple and highly customizable setting by the user.

The options available for the SV split can be checked in the videocatalogue.