Temperature: +25÷+10°C

Power: 31,00÷129,40 kW

Mounted on the ground outside the room

R404A | R407F | R449A

H: 2.060÷2.610 mm | L: 1.450÷2.100 mm | D: 3.510÷4.750 mm


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The DUK series models are grain chiller monoblock refrigerating machines designed for storing cereals inside silos or storage warehouses, by introducing air at a controlled temperature and humidity.

The series is available in 4 models: DUK020 (cooling capacity 31 kW and air flow 14300 m³/h), DUK030 (cooling capacity 38 kW and air flow 14000 m³/h), DUK040 (cooling capacity 50 kW and capacity air flow 24000 m³/h), DUK050 (cooling capacity 60 kW and air flow 24000 m³/h), DUK075 (cooling capacity 91 kW and air flow 30000 m³/h), DUK100 (cooling capacity 110 kW and air flow rate 44000 m³/h) and DUK120 (cooling capacity 129.4 kW and air flow rate 64000 m³/h). The wide range of power covered makes the DUK a versatile series and suitable to meet different needs in terms of volumes and quantity of the product to be treated.

The structure is of the monoblock type with a self-supporting body made of galvanized steel sheet, mounted on a towable trolley, equipped with large doors for easy inspection of the internal equipment.

Positioned outside the silo or warehouse and connected to them by piping for air flow, the DUK body has been designed to be resistant to corrosion even if exposed to continuous changes in atmospheric conditions.

The performance of the efficient refrigeration system is automatically modulated in relation to the product being treated, to the environmental climatic conditions and to the time available for refrigeration by using the compressor equipped with partializations and the integrated evaporator equipped with a large heat exchange surface.

All models in the DUK series are equipped with high air flow evaporators that allow, for the same power, greater speed

in setting up and treatment, especially in periods characterized by low temperatures, contributing together with the structural characteristics to outline the profile of a machine that is effective throughout the year.

A factor such as the noise, typical of large storage machines equipped with large fans, is reduced to a minimum especially when the temperature is below 25° and at night.

The use of electronic equipment for the regulation of the condensation fans allows a substantial reduction of noise pollution making the unit more manageable and tolerable by the user during operation.

All DUK models are equipped with condensation coil with copper piping and aluminum fins, positioned horizontally to allow a better protection of the refrigeration unit.

The humidity of the treatment is controlled by a post-heating coil while the temperature is electronically controlled with the aid of a probe installed on the top of the silo to stop the refrigeration exactly at the end of the cycle, reducing energy consumption to a minimum.

The DUK functions are easily programmable and customizable through a control panel that includes all of the electronic equipment for the optimal management of a machine that is ideal to guarantee efficient, accurate and specific performances for the conditions and needs of the user.

The options available for the DUKs can be checked in the videocatalogue.