Monoblock system for low and medium temperatures


Monoblock units suitable for medium size coldrooms.

Product features

Quick installation on the cold room wall

Extremely quick to install, reducing times and costs of installation

The white color of the evaporator blends discreetly with the walls of the cold room

Very compact and very efficient

Electronic control unit with easy-to-use user interface that can be programmed according to the different needs of the system

Two ranges of units suitable for medium size coldrooms.

The AS series models are monoblock units characterized by extreme versatility of use.

Suitable for medium rooms, the AS products are divided into two ranges: the MAS for medium temperatures (max 157 m³ at Tc= +0°C, Tamb= +30°C) and the BAS for low temperatures (max 175 m³ at Tc= -20°C, Tamb= +30°C).

The compressor supplied is reciprocating hermetic and is contained,

together with the evaporating and condensing unit, in a single epoxy powder-coated steel body making the machine compact, sturdy and easy to handle.

The hot gas defrosting with double solenoid valve is automatically programmed with cycle frequency, making the AS a stand-alone and reliable machine, without the need for recurring maintenance.

The condensation water evacuation pipe must be installed and linked to the drain located in the lower part of the the condensing part.

Crankcase heater and the speed variator for the condenser fans are available as standard, making the unit suitable for outdoor installation.

The AS unit is managed through a programmed electronic control unit positioned on the electrical panel
with a user interface that allows to set the desired temperature and operating parameters.

The through wall installation is easy and fast given the compactness of the machine and consists of one hole on the room wall to install the machine.

The AS range represents a refrigerating machine that responds to the requirements of commercial and semi-industrial use.

Technical details

COOLING CAPACITY (W) MAS 4.981÷10.424 (Tc= +0°C , Tamb= +30°C) | BAS 4.541÷8.663 (Tc= -20°C, Tamb= +30°C)
INSTALLATION TYPE Wall mounted, through wall type


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