Monoblock system for low and medium temperatures


Efficient and reliable monoblock units with avantgarde management technology.

Product features

• Quick straddle wall installation ideal for new applications or through wall installation ideal for renovations

• Condensing part body with metallic gray finishing

• The white color of the evaporator blends discreetly with the walls of the cold room

• Compressor compartment is ready to be insulated with suitable sound-absorbing material to reduce noise levels

• Micro-channel condensers are available on the smallest frame (GM1) to reduce the refrigerant charge as much as possible and ensure higher energy efficiency

• Units equipped with a new generation control panel with an easy-to-use interface suitable to be connected to monitoring and remote management systems

A versatile range with low running costs.

The models of the GM range are monoblock units characterized by compactness, suitable and accessible to anyone looking for a type of wall installation.

Suitable for small rooms, the GM range is composed by 2 lines: the MGM for medium temperatures (max 38 m³ at Tc= +0°C, Tamb= +32°C) and the BGM for low temperatures (max 39 m³ at Tc= -20°C, Tamb= +32°C).

This range of monoblocs, characterized by remarkable compactness, allows to optimize the useful space inside the cold room, guaranteeing excellent performance and reliability.

The robustness, simplicity of installation and extreme ease of use represent the strong points of these units range, as well as guaranteeing high efficiency in heterogeneous working conditions.

The reciprocating hermetic compressor and the programmed automatic hot gas defrosting, with cycle frequency, make the GM a stand-alone and reliable machine, without the need for recurring maintenance.

The condensation water elimination system is automatic and does not require external connections allowing a clean and autonomous operation thanks to the condensate water evaporation tray available in the standard configuration of the unit.

The electrical panel of the GM has an electronic control unit whose operating parameters are already programmed. The electronic control unit manages the GM and allows the signalling of any anomalies.

Technical details

COOLING CAPACITY (W) MGM 855÷3.351 (Tc= +0°C , Tamb= +30°C) | BGM 679÷3.160 (Tc= -20°C, Tamb= +30°C)
INSTALLATION TYPE Straddle wall installation or through wall installation


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