Monoblock system for refrigeration to high temperature


Split units for bottled wine storage.

Product features

Accurate control of humidity and temperature to guarantee products quality

Thermostatic expansion valve for an optimal refrigerant flow rate and for higher energy efficiency

Quick and easy to install, the RDV, thanks to its split type structure, allows many choices of installation

Storage of bottled wines in small to medium-sized rooms.

The RDV units are refrigerating split machines for storing bottled wines in small and medium-sized rooms by means of electronic control of temperature and humidity.

Sudden temperature changes and the variations in temperature due to the changing of the seasons shorten the life cycle of the wine.

For this reason, the respect of the hygrometric conditions, continuous ventilation and the absence of vibrations are fundamental parameters to ensure the best refinement of the product.

Starting from a light and functional steel sheet body with compact dimensions, the RDV models have been designed to adhere to and reproduce the optimal conditions required by wine storage processes.

The operation range is from +20°C to +10°C while the achievable humidity range varies from 60% to 80%.

The efficient refrigeration system is divided into its two components: condensing unit and evaporating unit. Protected entirely by the metal sheets, the condensing unit accommodates the soundproof hermetic compressor and the condenser equipped with 4-pole fan.

The condensing unit is supplied precharged with refrigerant.

The evaporating unit is supplied with pressurized nitrogen and is equipped with the thermostatic expansion valve.

A distinctive feature of this range is the control system of the hygrometric conditions of the environment. The humidity and temperature control is centralized and managed by a single electronic controller that secures sequences of humidification-dehumidification phases ensuring high efficiency.

The operation of the humidity control system with electric resistances is based on the water automatically introduced by the water network system to which the unit is connected.

The dehumidification phase precedes a post-heating process where the temperature inside the cell is regulated by electric heating.

The RDV models are equipped with a cable with a probe holder panel for a constant and accurate detection of temperature and humidity inside the room.

Quick and easy to install, the RDV, thanks to its split type structure, allows the mounting of evaporating and condensing section separately which ensures that the user has a choice of flexible installation, overcoming all the problems deriving from the lack of space that might prevent the mounting of the monoblock on the room wall.

The condensing unit is positioned outside the room on the ground or on an external support while the evaporator can be placed on the ceiling or on the wall inside the room avoiding any reduction of the volume available for the bottle shelves.

Condensing and evaporating units are supplied with connection taps.

The standard equipment is completed by separator-accumulator, dryer filter for refrigerant, liquid receiver, automatic defrosting system and cable for power supply.

The RDV functions are easily programmable and customizable through an intuitive electronic controller with a user interface located on the front of the body.

The remote control panel on the wall guarantees accurate and dynamic machine setting as the specific product conditions require.

The RDV units, silenced in operation, compact in dimensions and rigorous in setting substantial parameters such as temperature and humidity, offer a highly effective and innovative solution for owners of natural cellars or adapted rooms, creating the ideal environment to enhance the expression and the unique character of their wines.

Technical details

COOLING CAPACITY (W) 593÷1.935 (Tc= +10°C , Tamb= +30°C)

Condensing unit floor mounted, wall mounted or roof mounted
Evaporating unit roof mounted or wall mounted



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