Dual-temperature monoblock system, suitable for freezing


Monoblock units suitable for medium-large size cold rooms and freezing tunnels.

Product features

Extreme versatility of use, low-medium temperatures, polyvalent temperatures and freezing tunnels

Suitable for different types of applications

Compact and highly resistant to any environmental condition

Solenoid valve and thermostatic valve for high efficiency

Control panel with electromechanical instrumentation for controlling all the functionalities of the machine

Extreme versatility of use, suitable for freezing tunnels.

The RS series models are monoblock units characterized by extreme versatility of use, ideal for medium-large rooms.

The series is composed by four ranges: MRS for positive temperature rooms (max 918 m³ at Tc= +0°C, Tamb= +30°C), BRS for negative temperature rooms (max 1.229 m³ at Tc= -20°C, Tamb= +30°C), PRS for polyvalent rooms utilized either in medium or in low temperature (max 700 m³ at Tc= -20°C, Tamb= +30°C) and CRS for freezing tunnel.

It is a range that responds to different types of applications.

All models consist of two units connected together to form a single structure: a condensing unit with a steel body and an evaporating unit, equipped with aluminium sheets that make the product compact and highly resistant.

The solenoid and thermostatic valves for the expansion of the refrigerant are components supplied as standard that allow the optimization of the efficiency of the unit.

The fully automatic hot gas defrosting and the compressor crankcase heater guarantee optimized performance and safety.

A control panel with electromechanical instrumentation manages all the elements of the machine making it easy for the user to adjust all the parameters.

Maintenance is facilitated by the presence of front panels that can be opened for direct and safely access to the refrigeration system.

The installation is through wall type with cold room panel. The condensing unit is suitable for outdoor installation.

A remote control panel allows the simultaneous management of one or more units installed inside the same room. All these features make the RS unit a powerful, reliable and versatile machine mainly for industrial applications.

Technical details

WORKING TEMPERATURE (°C) MRS -5÷10 | BRS -15÷-25 | PRS 5÷-25 | CRS -30÷-50
COOLING CAPACITY (W) MRS 1.950÷25.372 ( Tc=+0°C, Tamb= +30°C) | BRS 3.547÷35.030 (Tc= -20°C, Tamb= +30°C)
PRS 5.645÷21.923 (Tc= -20/+0°C, Tamb=+30°C) | CRS 5.188÷22.251 (Tev= -35°C, Tcond= +30°C)
INSTALLATION TYPE Wall mounted, through wall type


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