Split or monoblock system with humidity control


Units for post-salting resting of hams for small and medium cold rooms.

Product features

Constant and detailed control of temperature and humidity level during operation

Compact and functional, with removable panels to allow easy access to internal components

Durable exterior body

Precharged with refrigerant, equipped with filter dryer and fixed calibration maximum and minimum pressure switches with automatic reset

Constant and detailed control of the temperature and humidity level​.

The SAR series models are monoblock units specialized in post-salting resting of hams in small-medium cold rooms for commercial applications.

The SAR units are called “mini-conditioners” for constant and detailed control of the temperature and humidity level during operation.

The operation range is from +10°C to -5°C while the achievable humidity range varies from 40% to 60%.

All models can reproduce customized resting cycles through a careful enthalpy control with correct fresh air intake from the outside in the cooler hours, guaranteeing production in all seasons with any external climatic condition.

The body is mainly built in galvanized epoxy-painted sheet steel, with removable panels allowing an easy access to internal components. The refrigeration system consists of hermetic compressor complete with motor protection, thermostatic expansion valve, evaporator (with air flow from 800 to 3.000 m³/h) and condenser with 4-pole fan equipped with fan speed regulator or fan pressure switch to optimize condensation pressure.

The monoblock units are precharged with refrigerant, the split version has only the condensing unit precharged, while the evaporating part is under nitrogen pressure.

The units are equipped with liquid receiver/separator with safety valve, filter dryer and fixed calibration maximum and minimum pressure switches with automatic reset.

Small capacity units include condensate evaporation tray. Regulated by an electronic controller, the humidity control is performed thanks to the water taken from the water network to which the unit is connected and automatically introduced through spray nozzles.

A distinctive feature of the SAR is the humidification-dehumidification system, necessary for the implementation of resting cycles.

The dehumidification phase precedes a heat recovery post-heating process.

The temperature inside the room is regulated by electric heating.
The defrosting is programmable, through hot gas and double solenoid valve.

The quick and easy installation of the SAR units on the wall is non invasive for the room volume and requires a single hole where the evaporating section will be inserted, which does not require further connections.

The air inside the room is distributed with the help of a directional grid, equipped with adjustable fins both horizontally and vertically.
Air delivery channelling on request.

The standard equipment is completed with the electrical panel with safety fuses, the power cable (maximum 3m) and the cable with probe-holder panel (maximum 5m) for the precise monitoring of the humidity and temperature levels inside the entire room.

The functions of SAR units are easily programmable and customizable by means of a practical control board with a remote control panel that allows the adjustment of temperature, humidity, operating and stopping time. All these features make the SAR units efficient, with high accuracy and suitable for meeting specific needs of the products and of the user.

Technical details

COOLING CAPACITY (W) Monoblock units 3.000÷7.250 (Tc= +10°C , Tamb= +30°C)
Split units 3.000÷7.250 (Tc= +10°C , Tamb= +30°C)

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