Monoblock system for low and medium temperatures

SB R290

Ceiling-mounting propane monoblock units.

Product features

Use of natural and efficient refrigerant R290 (GWP 3)

Low R290 refrigerant charge <150 g per circuit

Multiple circuits for bigger models

Medium and low temperature range

Hermetic piston compressors

Hot gas defrost

Air or water condensation (for water: plate exchanger and water solenoid valve)

Expansion by capillary tube for air condensation and thermostatic valve for water condensation

Dixell electronic controller

Serial output for connection to monitoring system

Different voltage available

Single circuit models: available with remote keyboard

Multicircuits models: available in master stand-alone version with remote keyboard and dedicated kit and slave version

The F-gas regulations do not apply to systems that contain only natural refrigerants such as propane (R-290)

Units easy to be installed and to be managed.

The models of the SB R290 range are monoblock units characterized by great versatility of use and accessible to anyone looking for a type of ceiling installation.

The refrigerant charge per circuit is low (<150g) and the refrigerant R290 has a low GWP index.

The smaller models have a single refrigerant circuit and they are available with a remote keyboard.

The bigger models have a multiple refrigerant circuits and they are available in master stand-alone version with remote keyboard and dedicated kit and slave version.

Suitable for small rooms, the SB R290 range is composed by 2 lines: the MSB for medium temperatures (max 72 m³ at Tc= +0°C, Tamb= +30°C) and the BSB for low temperatures (max 26 m³ at Tc= -20°C, Tamb= +30°C).

It is possible to have the unit with air or water condensation (for water: plate heat exchanger and water solenoid valve).

Pursuing the objectives of robustness and efficiency, the body of the condensing unit is made of sheet steel like the evaporator contained in a thermally insulated compartment and connected directly to the condenser part.

The reciprocating hermetic compressor and the programmed automatic hot gas defrosting, with cycle frequency, make the SB R290 a stand-alone machine without the need for recurring maintenance.

The installation of the unit on the ceiling is very easy, the mounting consists of a single hole in which the evaporating part will be inserted, which does not require other connections. The condensing water elimination system is automatic.

The electrical panel of the SB has an electronic control unit whose operating parameters are already programmed. The electronic control unit manages the SB and allows the signalling of any anomalies.

The type of installation and the machine control, simple and intuitive thanks to the remote electronic control panel to be installed on the wall to set the desired temperature and visualize possible alarms, make the SB unit easy to be managed.

This range of monoblocs, characterized by remarkable compactness, allows to optimize the useful space inside the cold room, guaranteeing excellent performance, reliability and efficiency.

Technical details

COOLING CAPACITY (W) MSB 1.309÷6.123 (Tc= +0°C , Tamb= +30°C) | BSB 873÷2.925 (Tc= -20°C, Tamb= +30°C)
INSTALLATION TYPE Ceiling-mounting


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