Split system suitable for low and medium temperature


Refrigerant split type units suitable for small-medium cold rooms.

Product features

Condensing unit for floor or roof installation and evaporator for ceiling mounting

Extremely quick mounting thanks to the quick coupling joints

Reduced installation times and costs

Best surface-capacity ratio

Reliable unit with simple and rapid mounting.

The SP-O series models are split type units, designed for use in small to medium rooms.

The SP-O series consists of 2 lines: MSP for medium temperatures (max 41m³ at Tc= +0°C, Tamb= +30°C) and BSP for low temperatures (max 30m³ at Tc= -20°C, Tamb= +30°C).

The split structure allows the assembly of evaporator and condenser separately, which ensures that the user has a choice of flexible installation, overcoming all the problems deriving from the lack of space that might prevent the mounting of the monoblock on the room wall.

The condensing unit, protected by a resistant pre-painted sheet steel body and equipped with hermetic compressor, requires a ground installation.

The slim evaporator is positioned on the ceiling of the room allowing to optimize the useful space inside the cold room.

The connection between the two units is realized thanks to pre-charged piping and electrical cables (2,5m, 5m or 10m) which allow quick installation and easy maintenance.

The SP-O units are supplied ready for use: both the condensing and evaporating parts have been tested and preloaded with refrigerant, ensuring a simple and rapid mounting with the aid of specific connection joints for the pipes.

The SP-O units are equipped with an automatic electric defrosting system. The option for using the SP-O systems in an external environment including pressure switch or condenser fan speed variator and crankcase heater is available on request.

The control and setting of the unit are simple and intuitive thanks to the electric control panel equipped with electronic control unit.

A remote control panel on the wall completes the equipment, helping to make the SP-O an efficient, resistant and highly customizable machine.

Technical details

COOLING CAPACITY (W) SB.MSP 1.140÷3.492 (Tc= +0°C , Tamb= +30°C) | SB.BSP 662÷2.581 (Tc= -20°C, Tamb= +30°C)
INSTALLATION TYPE Split system with floor mounting or roof mounting condensing part


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