Condensing units with variable cooling capacity


Condensing units controlled by inverter with variable cooling capacity.

Product features

Condensing units with variable cooling capacity suitable for commercial applications

Compressors controlled by inverter

High level of soundproofing also suitable for residential use

Suitable for outdoor use in different climatic conditions

Wide range of capacities

Suitable for floor installation. Ceiling installation according to needs

Configurated with Bitzer Twin compressors with one controlled by inverter​.

The CI-L series models are compact air-cooled condensing units with variable cooling capacity, suitable for outdoor installations, silenced for residential environments and ideal for commercial applications.

The series is divided into two product lines. One line with working temperatures from +5°C to -20° and one line with working temperatures from -15°C to -40°C.

The units are configurated with Bitzer Twin semi-hermetic compressors with one controlled by inverter.

The capacity range covered and the way they are designed and built make the compact inverter units extremely versatile components of an efficient refrigerating system suitable to meet wide range of Customers’ requirements.

All the units are assembled starting from a solid steel sheet body structure.

The internal configuration of these condensing units allows to reduce the noise level of the system: soundproofed compartments accommodate the two semi-hermetic compressors that, together with the large surface condensers and low rpm 6-pole axial fans, allow to achieve efficient and silenced performance especially when low noise level is requested.

The condensing unit is equipped with filter dryer and sight glass, to guarantee controlled and optimized operation.

The unit, supplied with pressurized nitrogen, is complete with all the refrigerating system components pre-installed together with the internal connections pipes, making the system ready for a quick installation.

The receiver includes taps, an alarm light and a safety valve for adjusting and controlling the level of the inflowing and outflowing liquid.

These units are equipped with adjustable minimum and maximum pressure switches with automatic reset.

The significant feature of the CI range is the presence of the inverter which controls one of the two compressors and precisely modulates the delivered cooling capacity during operation.

The units are suitable for outdoor installation on the floor, but it is also possible to accommodate them on the ceiling according to the structural needs of the user.

The CI units are equipped with oil separator and oil receiver with electronic equalizer.

The units are equipped with crankcase heater that makes them suitable for outdoor installation in different climatic conditions.

An electronic control unit manages the capacity delivered by the two compressors. Together with a compressors emergency management system and a switchboard, all these features complete the profile of an efficient and safe machine.

Technical details

COOLING CAPACITY (W) GCI 2.404÷28.021 (TEV= -10°C , Tamb= +30°C) | HCI 2.349÷12.873 (TEV= -30°C, Tamb= +30°C)
REFRIGERANT Condensing unit under nitrogen pressure


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