Van electrical system

Zero Battery

Designed to be powered by the vehicle battery for the minimal environmental impact, it is ideal for refrigerated transport in electric vans.

Product features

Low emissions

Proven reliability and performance

Powered by direct-drive on road, electric grid on stand-by

Compatible with full-electric, hybrid or conventional vehicles

Easy to install and service with removable side panels

Low noise

User-friendly cabin driver interface

Reduced refrigerant charge and maintenance costs


2-year standard warranty, extendable up to 5 years

Zero Battery (Z120b) is a totally electric refrigeration unit, which guarantees a minimal environmental impact while providing a high levels of effectiveness.

Zero Battery (Z20b) is a totally electric split model, which guarantees a minimal environmental impact but with high levels of effectiveness.

It represents the ideal solution for refrigerated transport in small vehicles (max 7m³) such as vans, minivans and MPVs being used for commercial purposes.

Designed to offer maximum operating flexibility, the Z120b is able to switch between temperatures for refrigerated, frozen and deep-frozen goods while maintaining high energy efficiency for a machine with simple installation and easy operation.

The condenser body, with an attractive design, protects the two transmission belts that connect the 2 electric engines to the open-type compressor for a power supply of 1.3 kW in both road and mains mode.

The Z120b can be used completely electrically either through the battery supply of the host vehicle (road mode) or using the external electrical mains when the van is parked (mains mode), guaranteeing continuous operation and zero emissions.

The convenient and instant installation of the evaporator involves positioning the ultra-thin unit (19.2 cm) directly on the ceiling of the cell avoiding the need to reduce the loading volume.

The condensing unit, with its compact and optimized size, is mounted on the roof of the vehicle or in frontal position avoiding negative influences to the vehicle’s line.

The kits for the electrical connection to the vehicle battery and the condensation drain kits are included in the standard equipment as well as the cables for mains connection (max 10 m).

The performances of Z120b can always be monitored and controlled through a practical in-cab control unit with a user interface to guarantee that the product is kept at the right temperature in an efficient and accuate manner for the entire duration of the trip.



Technical details

AMBIENT (°C) -20°÷ +45°
COOLING CAPACITY RANGE (set point 0°C) 1,3 kW
COOLING CAPACITY RANGE (set point -20°C) 0,55 kW
MOUNTING Roof and front wall




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