Van Direct Drive systems

Invisible Direct Drive

Range designed for an efficient transportation of refrigerated products in vans.

Product features

Multiple temperature zones in the same vehicle (Multi model only)

Powered by direct-drive on road, electric grid on stand-by

Vehicle access to tight underground areas

Under-chassis mounting preserves vehicle aesthetics and aerodynamics

Invisible from the outside

Low noise

User-friendly cabin driver interface


2-year standard warranty

The SFZ Invisible series units are designed for frozen goods transport.

These split units are designed for storing goods in small vehicles such as vans, minivans and MPVs being used for commercial purposes.

The range consists of 3 models: SFZ 007 (max power 1.6 kW and cell volume max 10 m³), SFZ 008 (maximum power 2.2 kW and cell volume max 14 m³) and SFZ 009 (max power 3.2 kW and cell volume max 21 m³).

The light and small unit is a product accessible to various customers who are looking for efficient and space-saving solutions.

It is described as “invisible” as it does not require modifications to the vehicle line.

The condenser is not visible from the outside as it is mounted under the chassis or alternatively in front of the radiator of the vehicle, thus minimizing its bulk.

On the other hand, the evaporator is installed on the ceiling of the cell in a customizable way without the need to drill the body of the host vehicle.

Its ultra-thin dimensions (max 18 cm for SFZ 009) allow quick and easy installation avoiding the need to reduce the loading volume.

The refrigeration system uses an open compressor, which in road mode is powered by the vehicle’s engine.

SFZ 008 and SFZ 009 have the “mains” mode: a totally electric type of machine operation, which is made possible by the plug connection to the mains power supply, which guarantees self-sufficiency and the ability to operate it even during standstill periods.

Designed to ensure continuity of operation in the event that the van’s engine fails, the mains mode significantly reduces the noise level of the equipment.

Electric connection and condensate drain kits are included as standard.

The performances of the SFZ units are always controllable and modifiable through a practical control unit installed in the driver’s cabin, which guarantees that the product is efficiently kept at precisely the right temperature for the entire duration of the trip.

SFZ009 Multi features dual evaporators to enable products with different temperature requirements to be transported in two separate zones.


Technical details

AMBIENT (°C) -20°÷ +45°
COOLING CAPACITY RANGE (set point 0°C) 1,7 kW to 3,2 kW
COOLING CAPACITY RANGE (set point -20°C) 0,8 kW to 1,1 kW
MOUNTING Under chassis




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