Light truck system


This products range is a robust direct-drive solutions for refrigerated transport on light to medium trucks.

Product features

Proven reliability and performance

Powered by direct-drive on road, electric grid on stand-by

Easy to install and service, light weight

Configurable for a wide range of refrigerated applications in light commercial vehicles

Low noise

User-friendly cabin driver interface


2-year standard warranty

The SFZ series units for national refrigerated transport.

These units are split units designed for storing temperature-controlled products in medium-sized trucks.

The series consists of 3 2 models: SFZ238 (max cell volume 38m³ and 4.8 kW maximum power), and SFZ248 (41m³ and 5.4 kW).

All models have been designed to offer uninterrupted operation by using a double compressor for an optimized and highly efficient refrigerating unit.

The first is located in the engine compartment of the vehicle and ensures that the unit works in road mode.

The mains compressor is placed under the ABS bonnet with an aerodynamic design of the condensing unit and is powered by an external electrical source.

The mains mode ensures effective operation even when the engine is off and the van is parked.

The quick and easy installation involves positioning the condensing unit on the wall behind the cabin of the vehicle without affecting the line of the host vehicle.

The extremely thin evaporator (max 18.1 cm) is placed directly on the ceiling of the cell avoiding the need to reduce the loading volume.

The kits for the electrical connection to the vehicle battery and the condensation drain kits are included in the standard equipment as well as the cables for mains connection (max 10 m) including plug and socket.

Different configurations in terms of evaporators and number of fans are possible.

The operating, performance and automatic defrost parameters are always controllable and can be modified through a practical in-cab control unit with a user interface which guarantees that the product is efficiently kept at precisely the right temperature during the entire trip.

Our SFZ Multi-Temp range is designed to meet the modern needs of refrigeration for light to medium trucks.

These units feature additional evaporators to enable transport of products with different temperature requirements in separate zones, available in multiple configurations to adapt to a wide range of applications.

It is a proven design optimized for energy-efficiency, low noise, and easy-to-service transport of temperature-controlled goods in medium-sized boxes.



Technical details

Models: SFZ238 and SFZ248

AMBIENT (°C) -20°÷ +45°
COOLING CAPACITY RANGE (set point 0°C) 4,7 kW to 5,2 kW
COOLING CAPACITY RANGE (set point -20°C) 2,5 kW to 2,7 kW
MOUNTING Frontal wall

Models: SFZ238 Multi and SFZ248 Multi

AMBIENT (°C) -20°÷ +45°
COOLING CAPACITY RANGE (set point 0°C) 4,4 kW to 5,1 kW
COOLING CAPACITY RANGE (set point -20°C) 2,3 kW to 2,6 kW
MOUNTING Frontal wall




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