Truck system

UNO Undermount

Range of independently diesel units to transport temperature-controlled products in heavy trucks.

Product features

Multiple temperature zones in the same vehicle (Multi model only)

Designed for high reliability with a custom Yanmar engine

Innovative powertrain design enabling high performance and energy efficiency

Reduced fuel consumption and noise


2-year standard warranty, extendable up to 5 years

The Uno Undermount series are split units for refrigerated transport.

These units designed for the storage of temperature-controlled products in medium-sized trucks and vans.

The range consists of the model UN120 (max power 11.5 kW) and of the model UN120 Multi (10.6 kW).

A distinctive feature of the undermount range is the type of installation: the powerful and compact unit is installed under the chassis of the host truck, with lateral application, without affecting the vehicle line and thus facilitating maintenance operations on the equipment.

The condensing part of the refrigeration system is protected by means of a resistant ABS bonnet, by ensuring safe and continuous operation of the undermount model even in difficult weather and asphalt situations.

All models have been designed to offer uninterrupted operation by using a double compressor for an optimized and highly efficient refrigeration unit.

The first open type compressor is powered by an independent diesel engine and coupled to it by a direct system, without belts, and so reducing the number of maintenance operations and the time interval between two consecutive checks.

The diesel engine draws fuel from the tank of the host truck, thereby ensuring that the machine works in road mode.

A pressure-regulating valve protects the compressor while the exhaust gas is expelled directly from a muffler in the undermount provided alongside the body.

A second compressor is powered by an electrical source external to the host vehicle, allowing the machine to operate in mains mode.

The mains mode allows the machine to operate even when the engine is off and the van is parked.

The refrigeration system is completed by the ultra-thin evaporating section (21 cm) placed on the ceiling of the cell avoiding the need to reduce the cargo loading volume.

The unit and diesel pump installation kits are included in the supply as are the cables for mains connection (max 10 m) including the plug and socket.

The operating, performance and automatic defrost parameters are always controllable and can be modified through a practical in-cab control unit with a user interface which ensures that the product can kept efficiently at precisely the right temperature for the entire trip.

UN120 Multi features additional evaporators to enable transport of products with different temperature requirements in separate zones.

Technical details

AMBIENT (°C) -20°÷ +45°
COOLING CAPACITY RANGE (set point 0°C) Up to 11,5 kW
COOLING CAPACITY RANGE (set point -20°C) Up to 6,2 kW
MOUNTING Under chassis




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